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Established in 2010, our full service cafe has made the Port Gamble General Store more than a historical destination. In the short time since the cafe opened, it has become a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike, filling the void of “from scratch” cooking with thoughtfully sourced ingredients from the region. At the cafe, we take our ingredients seriously; shopping around for quality, local, fresh, organic and/or non GMO products. These ingredients make the perfect base with which our talented kitchen staff creates the many lovely dishes, baked goods, and cocktails that you enjoy every time you visit us.


Food is meant to nourish as well as delight. This is why we search and research for the finest local ingredients for our dishes. Making great food starts by ]honoring and supporting local sources and purveyors who care about what goes in our bodies, and how their methods affect the environment.


We begin with a strong base; quality ingredients, often made possible by our region’s hard working farmers and purveyors. We can never thank them enough for all they do! Do you know your local farmers? If so, give them a hug and thank them for us. They are our roots, and we could not grow without them.


We believe that good food takes time. Quick in-and-out dining is not our style.

We’ll be honest, quick in-and-out service is not our style, nor our mission. Whether we are handcrafting components while prepping, or making sure it is plated perfectly, we believe that good food takes time. The organic eggs won’t be cracked or scrambled until you order, and we butcher whole, organic chicken daily; no frozen, precooked, boneless, skinless chicken breasts here. We still use old fashioned appliances like a stove top and oven, In fact, we don’t even have a microwave on the premises. We realize that most people are too busy to be able to cook like this for themselves on a regular basis, and we want to provide that for our community.

During a busy weekend breakfast, expect to wait for both a table and your order. We move as fast as we can, but it takes a minimum of 10 minutes to focus on one set of orders. Multiply that by two dining rooms full of customers, and you will understand. All we can say, is relax, have a cocktail or two, chat with your companions, shop in the general store, or have dessert first. Our desserts are some of the best you will ever experience, so go for it!




Thanks to the abundance of great breweries in the Pacific Northwest, we have constantly rotating taps and have devoted two of those taps to our gluten free customers with one GF beer and one rotating cider tap.



Our focus is on small batch, artisan, and lesser known distillers. With new distilleries popping up almost daily, we have chosen to be adventurous and supportive of the little guys. We apologize in advance for not having the usual suspects, but than again, life is about adventure. It’s exciting to try something different for a change. Just like our kitchen, quality and handcraft rules the roost. We juice citrus, make our own simple syrups, muddle fresh herbs, we do everything we can to make our cocktails a special, handcrafted experience. We even make our own famous Garden Mary with juiced cucumbers and jalapeños!



Our wine list is a little geeky; comprised of small, food-friendly, often organic or bio-dynamic producers from our favorite regions. You will find wines made from grapes you have never even heard of, much less pronounce. Be brave and try them! How many wine lists will offer you this opportunity?


Back when lumber was one of washington’s biggest exports, Port Gamble, WA wis a milling community and the residents relied on the General Store for its many needs. With the closing of the mill in 1995, the need for the general store to provide groceries, clothing, housewares, etc, came to an end. Today, the General Store is valued as a historic building that houses a cafe and retail store; selling a variety of items for locals and tourists, including: ice cream, espresso, candy, gifts, cards, souvenirs, decor both home and seasonal, as well as NW wines.

Be sure to mark the second Saturday of November off on your calendar for the General Store’s yearly holiday open house! Overnight, the general store becomes a holiday wonderland, with at least 8 trees decorated in many different themes and color schemes. Live music, cookies, coffee, merchandise giveaways, wine tasting, and a food drive round out this highly anticipated event.

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